Tips and Tricks to Grow Your YouTube Watch Time

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing sites in the world. Millions of people upload videos to YouTube every day and it’s impossible to keep track of everything. Fortunately, many YouTubers have discovered ways to increase watch time and grow their subscriber base. If you want to learn more about growing your YouTube channel, keep reading for our top tips and tricks! This article covers everything from researching new content ideas to using YouTube analytics. We’ll answer some of your biggest questions about growing your audience and expanding your reach with video. By the end, you should know everything you need to start improving your watch time, views, and subscribers today! 

Research New Content Ideas

One of the best ways to grow your watch time is to come up with new content ideas for your YouTube channel. With billions of views per month, there are millions of ideas out there that can work for your channel. It can be frustrating getting tons of low-quality comments or views on your videos. And it’s also frustrating that your views and subscribers aren’t increasing. The key to growing your audience is constant innovation and new ideas. You’re never going to be able to get everyone on board with your original content. So you have to constantly come up with new ideas that keep your YouTube channel fresh. You can also search for sites that offers free YouTube views. There are a few key things to look for when trying to find new ideas for your channel. You want to make sure that your content isn’t simply re-using the same videos over and over again. If a few of your videos are similar to each other, try mixing them up a little bit more with your other videos. Another key thing to look for is trying to think outside of the box. There are millions of views on YouTube, so it can be easy to think that the only type of content that can be successful is the same type of content being uploaded over and over again. 

Use YouTube Analytics

Ok, so we’ve researched new content ideas and we’re trying to come up with new ideas that will increase our subscribers and get free YouTube watch time. But how do we know if we’re doing anything? New YouTubers often get stuck in a cycle of trying new things and then not knowing if it’s working or not. There are a few ways to solve this problem. Analytics is a great way to solve this problem. By using YouTube analytics, you can start seeing exactly where your viewers are coming from and what content is getting them to stick around. It can be very eye-opening once you start looking at these numbers. Below are a few of our favorite YouTube analytics to get a better understanding of your channel. 

  • Total watch time – This number will tell you how long your viewers spend watching your videos. Higher numbers are better! 
  • Total views – This number tells you how many views your videos receive. It doesn’t matter how many views your video has if no one watches it! 
  • Average watch time – Average watch time is how long your viewers spend on your videos. This number is important because it’s how long you make your videos. If they take longer to watch than you make them, they can easily jump over to another video. 
  • Average view count – How many times your videos are viewed. 
  • Daily watch time – This shows you the total number of times your video is viewed per day. This helps find out where your viewers are coming from and what content is driving them to your channel.

Bring your subscribers to YouTube before you send them the email asking for reviews

If you want to grow your subscriber base, one of the best ways to do so is to bring your current subscribers over to YouTube. Once you have a subscriber, you can send them a notification that directs them to YouTube and they can start watching your videos. One of the best ways to do this is to send a pre-recorded video to your subscribers before you even ask them to leave a review. You can use services like Buzz Sumo or ConvertKit to create these videos with your desired message. Once you’ve created your video, simply send it to your subscribers and ask them to leave a review. After they’ve viewed your video, they’ll be more likely to leave a review. And once they leave a review, you can direct them back to YouTube and ask them for more views. 

Utilize Video Discovery Platforms

Research new content ideas, create your content, and then create a strategy to share your videos. What do we do if our content isn’t working or our strategy isn’t working? We can look at numbers to help us figure out what’s going wrong. There are a variety of video discovery platforms out there. Some of our favorites are Twellow, Vivid, and Break Free. These platforms are great because they allow you to search and browse large libraries of user-created content. You can also see how many views each video receives. 

Stay Consistent With Your Upload Schedule and Quality Standards

One of the biggest ways to grow your watch time is to keep your upload schedule consistent and maintain a high-quality standard. There’s a huge difference between uploading once per week and once per month! If you’ve been trying to upload new content regularly, you’ll quickly notice that your channel will be extremely active and your view numbers will go down. Videos that are posted too frequently tend to get views when your other videos haven’t received views yet. Your goal is to grow your channel healthily. You don’t want to push your viewers away with too much content. 

Don’t Forget to Have Social Interaction With Your Viewers!

One of the best ways to grow your watch time is to interact with your viewers. One of the best ways to do this is to use social media widgets on your blog or website. When a visitor comes to your site on social media platforms, they’ll see a social media widget that directs them to your YouTube channel. If your blog or website doesn’t have a social media widget, you can quickly set one up. There are a variety of widgets available on different social media platforms. You can also set up a free Facebook account or Google+ page if you don’t have a blog yet. 


YouTube is a fun and exciting way to share your content with the world. However, it can be challenging for new YouTubers to grow their audience and increase their watch time. Our top tips and tricks will help you find your way through these challenges and find success with your channel.

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