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The android operating system has really evolved since Google acquired this OS.

Google is the biggest and most advanced search engine company in the world, according to Techpally.

To improve the visibility of your contents on search engines, it’s important to optimize it for search since many search engine users now activate voice search on their devices.

With the integration of voice search on mobile devices, more voice searches are now seen on Google database.

Have you activated “OK Google” on your smartphone?

In order to Understand how voice search works and use Google’s automatic voice search via voice command on your smartphone, you must first activate it in some cases.

If you’re on desktop, the Google search integration on your desktop browser does not need any voice search activation, chaktty said.

However, for voice search activation on your smartphone, here’s how it’s done:

First, make sure you have the latest version of the Google app installed on your android smartphone.

The best way to do this is to call up the Google app in the Play Store. If necessary, tap Refresh to update to the latest version of the Google voice search. 

On the other hand, The latest version is always available on APK app download directories online, but according to Techpally, it’s not advisable or recommended to download APK apps or apps from directories.

You’re likely going to attract viruses and malware to your mobile device if you download apps from untrusted app store.

Having said that, you should Open the Google app and tap the side menu in the top left.

Then go to Settings > Language > ‘OK Google’ detection.

Activate the switch next to the menu item “About the Google app” and you’re good to go on voice search on Google.

If that doesn’t work, also toggle the switch next to “On any screen” and follow the instructions to set your voice on Google.

Problems activating Google Voice and Solution

You may encounter problems activating your Google voice assistant, don’t get worried.

If “OK Google” isn’t responding – here’s what you can do to get over this issue.

If “OK Google” is already activated and the voice search still does not open, this can also have other errors.

If otherwise, you simply need to Clear the cache in the Google app,says chaktty.

If necessary, uninstall the appand reinstall the Google app again and the problem should be solved. 

If however, the uninstall fails, remove the app data completely from the applications menu or your app manager.

With some smartphone models, it is also possible that the “OK Google” recognition only works in English. 

To do this, you can switch to English via the language settings of the Google app, but then you have to use the entire service in the selected language thereafter.

You can also retrain the language model using the On Any Screen setting.

 In some cases it makes sense to complete the training in English and only then switch back to your local language if isn’t English language.

There may also be a defect in your mobile phone microphone, it happens that this is the least of possible reasons Google voice assistant is not working on your android smartphone.

You can also try disabling any accessibility features (under Settings) such as Dashclock Whatsapp etc, businesspally advised.

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